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who we are.

The Thermal Spray Association of Southern Africa has been established to be an advisory body and an independent authority in order to improve quality standards and enhance education and knowledge sharing throughout the Thermal Spray industry. The mission and objectives of the organization can be summarized as quality enhancement, knowledge sharing, networking, marketing of products and services, education and training as well as industry support in various forms.

The Thermal Spray industry has been stagnant with very few new applications and inadequate investment of research and development, capital equipment and technological updates. It is intended that this Association will enhance the reputation of the industry and convince potential customers that they can now expect the best international practices when engaging in Thermal Spray.

Benefits provided to members of the organization will include access to a knowledge database and experts, training, networking support, dissemination of information and the marketing of products and services. The initial target market will be mining, power generation, petrochemical, oil and gas, paper and pulp, printing, metal processing, aeronautical and infrastructure industries.